Even if your child is older than one year and does not need help walking, seat the child facing the rear. As long as you follow the safety guidelines, rear-facing installation affords better protection for the child's head, neck and chest in the event of an impact. Your child will be safer, even if his or her legs are touching the back of the vehicle seat.
Graco is another very famous brand, well-known for its quality nursery product line. Having established itself over a half-decade ago with the very first wind-up infant swing, they took off to become one of the leaders in their field. The Graco FastAction Fold Sport Stroller is a 3 wheel stroller with car seat with multiple recline adjusts, large storage basket with expandable rear pouch, parent and child cup holders and 3 or 5-point harness to match your baby as they grow. It has in addition a top rated car seat (the SnugRide Click Connect 35), built standard with energy absorbing foam, 5-point harness and level indicators as an extra measure. Colors Available: Tangerine, Gotham, and Pierce.
BRITAX infant/child seats can be used rear facing from 5 to 40 pounds (2.3 to 18.1 kilograms) and forward facing from 22 pounds and walks unassisted, up to 65 pounds (10 kilograms and walks unassisted, up to 29.4 kilograms), depending on the seat. High-capacity convertibles allow your child to stay in a five-point harness through the toddler years.
This system isn’t cheap, so those with a tight budget may want to look elsewhere. Some parents felt the stroller seat was too small and wouldn’t last through the 50 pound limit. Others felt the stroller was actually TOO lightweight to be sturdy while putting baby in and out. Some felt that the car seat was too difficult to attach and unattach to the stroller. A few felt the wheels and handle were flimsy and felt loose.
A booster is the last type of car seat your child needs. These are not appropriate for babies but for larger children. Booster seats can have a high back or be backless. High-back boosters or belt-positioning boosters use the car's seat belt once put into the appropriate position across the child's chest. A backless booster sits the child up high enough to keep the seat belt in a safe and comfortable position. How long a child must sit in a booster depends on the child's size, age and state laws. Many states have requirements for children up to 9 years old.
Walk through the stroller department of any baby store and the number of options is enough to make your head spin. Most of them fall into just a few categories. An umbrella stroller is lightweight -- a good option for quick trips or travel. A sturdier stroller may be what you need for walks outdoors. And if you plan to exercise with your baby, consider a jogging stroller. Other features to think about:
The Baby Trend EZ Ride 5 is another car seat stroller combo that’s good for tight budgets and features the Baby Trend Flex Loc infant car seat. The car seat fits babies from 5 - 30 pounds. The stroller works for infants and children up to 50 pounds. Unfolded stroller dimensions are 40" L x 23.50" W x 40" H and the car seat dimensions are 26" L x 16.5" W x 25" H.
I really hated to spend the money for a travel system! It just did not make good sense to me. I was not sure exactly what type of stroller I wanted and decided to wait until after I had baby and then decide! Besides, there were irrestible sales on infant car seats too sweet to pass up! I purchased my infant car seat and got the one I wanted. Then found this little contraption! LOVE IT!
Because car seats are critical to keeping your child safe, Consumer Reports puts each model through a rigorous series of real-world tests, noting how easy each model is to adjust and install properly in a variety of cars with both LATCH mechanisms and seat belts. We also subject child car seats to a crash test, separate from those mandated by government agencies. For more information, read a full description of how we test car seats.
The BOB brand was found as a neccessory brand for bicycle riders and morphed into one of the most reliable manufacturers of strollers – optimal for the active parent. Because of multiple advancements in their technologies over the years, BOB has become known for their smooth-riding strollers. The strollers standardly have pneumatic tires, rugged suspension for all terrains, adjustable handlebar, 5-point harness, swivelling (and lockable) front wheels, rear brakes, total seat recline and more. This carrier model is certified for air travel, constructed with energy absorbing foam for safety, with level indicators on their adjustable car seat base. Colors available: Orange, Navy, and Black.

The B-Safe 35 is a fairly popular seat and scored 8.8 in our infant car seat ratings. It has two layers of side impact protection, a steel frame, and impact absorbing base. The B-Lively stroller (like other 3-wheeled models) is technically a 4-wheeled stroller, since two wheels act as the third front wheel. The swivel front double wheel adds to the stability when taking sharp turns through narrow places.

Snack trays and parent trays with decently sized cup holders are a real lifesaver for long outings. You don’t want to be stuck in the zoo on a hot summer day with no good place to store water for both of you. Having it right at hand will be very convenient. Of course, there’s always the chance she’ll play the “drop the sippy” game, but that’s where a second parent cup holder and extra storage baskets on the stroller can save the day.
Because car seats are critical to keeping your child safe, Consumer Reports puts each model through a rigorous series of real-world tests, noting how easy each model is to adjust and install properly in a variety of cars with both LATCH mechanisms and seat belts. We also subject child car seats to a crash test, separate from those mandated by government agencies. For more information, read a full description of how we test car seats.

The fabric isn’t very soft and smooth as with other strollers, so it might not be comfortable or breathable for long trips. The covered compartment in the parent tray might be too small for some phones such as the iPhone 6Plus and up. Also, there have been quality control issues with some parts breaking or getting stuck on the stroller after less than a year’s use.
Our roster of brands includes favorites like Diono, Britax, Graco, Evenflo, Clek, Summer Infant, Munchkin, and plenty more. Within this broad mix, you'll find car seat accessories including car seat protectors and rear facing mirrors–plus excellent gift ideas for anyone on your list. Find the right car seat according to your child’s age and stage. We even offer our Subscribe & Save program to help you save money while stocking up on all your car seat essentials.
The car seat is the most important part of any car seat stroller combo package. Look at the types of materials the car seat is made with. Make sure the car seat has an energy absorbing liner. This technology helps to protect your baby in the event of an accident. The car seat should have good padding including a five point safety harness. Many models include the padded head support. Make sure to read the manufacturers instructions for cleaning and maintaining the proper care of the product.
Lower anchor and tethers for children (LATCH) connectors are a system of hooks and straps that secure to anchor points built into all cars manufactured after 2002. They function to secure the car seat safely in the back seat rather than using the car's seat belt system. LATCH connectors have their own weight limits, so it is important to switch from the LATCH system to the car's seat belts when the combined weight of the child and the car seat exceed the limit.

Jogging strollers are designed for one specific purpose and aren’t meant for long outings. For jogging, you may not be able to use it like a travel system (with the car seat) in some models. You’ll probably want to invest in either a 3 or 4-wheeled system as well, so you’ll have a more heavy-duty, roomier ride and more storage space for trips to the zoo and park. However, many parents use these as their sole stroller simply because they’re better on rough terrain.

Comfort and convenience are two main reasons why you may decide to choose certain brands of car seat strollers combo. Check that the system is easy to use and whether it is lightweight. Narrow your search down by selecting car seats which have a padded head rest for newborn infants, a five point harness which has passed relevant safety tests and an adjustable handle for comfortable pushing (this is a bonus if a parent is not very tall). Try and establish facts about the various car seat stroller combos on the website to remove the hard work. This will allow you to have peace of mind about whether you are making the right decision, and will save you from having any regrets later on.
It is important, and also the law, that all children be properly restrained while in a motor vehicle. Protective seating types change as a child gets older, taller and heavier. For information on child seating and restraint systems visit The Province of British Columbia – Seat Belts, Car Seats, and Booster Seats, BCAA Child Passenger Safety, and ICBC Child Car Seats.